5 signs that your company is ready for digitalization

Although it`s not a new term digitalization is, once again, a hot topic these days. The need of flexibility in front of disruptive situations, of working anytime anywhere or migrating the business online – these are issues that were  brought again into the spotlight by the pandemic. Finding feasible solutions became urgent, but not before acknowledging the level of readiness when it comes to deployment and implementing.

Of course, a detailed analysis of the organization is always the best way to start, but we can help you gain an initial perspective. Here are some of the questions to assess your organization`s level for digitalization:

Is digitalization seen as an opportunity for added value or as a threat from the competition?

When realizing the importance of digitalization, it must be visionary, not formal. Besides the threat from the competition (that may very well be in different stages on the digital path), the company must identify the opportunity it brings (a new business line/ new project).

Are there digital components in the company workflow that function well, but the systemic upgrade/change is delayed?

 This situation is called Digital Purgatory and it is an intermediate phase where all initiatives get stuck and eventually lost. A lot of projects are self-limited in the testing phase, if a beta version is used, since the majority of them are insufficiently scaled. When lacking appropriate scaling and missing the global impact, the digitalization cannot reach its purpose, of triggering a lasting change.

 Is the team in charge of digitalization doing a good job, but faces internal resistance?

The most common error is ignoring the need of changing the mentality, not only workflows and procedures. Understanding and adopting technology is an essential part of the holistic approach of the process and is often treated with skepticism regarding results and fear of difficult usage/impact on activity/ work patterns.

Are there many situations when they say <I couldn`t achieve X because of IT department >?

When, instead of a clear workflow and steady procedures, the situation requires intervention from an IT team, there is obviously a need to improve. It basically means that there is a base to be developed but without necessary liaison and in need of human intervention.  Digitalization is the binder that eliminates delays and errors.

Before implementing changes in workflows, do you hear often < I need to persuade my colleagues>?

Any change is bound to bring enthusiasm and raise awareness, so that it gains many followers. It is the role of the project manager to link digitalization to future opportunities and to shape an appealing scenario so that all employees are on board. Enthusiasm is more convincing, when it accompanies business arguments.

If the answers to the above questions are mostly <yes>, then it means your company has already begun digitalization, but the path is still unclear and bumpy. When you decide it`s time for a change, give our consultants a call: https://linksoft.ro/en/contact/.