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When it comes to automobiles and transportation, we all know the key factor for differentiation is speed. Not only the speed of your fleet, but the speed your business has in approaching a new sales opportunity or lead. You need to move fast in order to be sure none of your competitors get to that customer first.

It’s no secret that digital technologies are already redefining the way we interact with vehicles, from the way we drive our cars, to the way we buy or rent them. The main challenge for businesses in this area is improving customer experience, not only in the sales process, also in servicing and after-sales processes.

Managed Entities

  • Clients– Manage your clients and corporate contracts using an all in one solution that provides specific functionality based on specific profiles and interaction records.
  • Service Calendar– Gain a complete overview over your scheduled service activities, assign your technicians to best optimize their schedule and allow our software to send automatic updates based on service status.
  • Client Requests– Manage offers, record data about showroom visits and customer queries, schedule test drives and many more.
  • Vehicle Fleet–Keep track of number of active kilometers, warranty conditions, revision status, insurance policies and other significant indicators for every vehicle in your fleet.

Managed Processes

  • Lead Management – Optimize and manage lead generation to ensure high return on your marketing and advertising investments.
  • Fleet Management– Get a complete overview over specific vehicle details, periodic notifications for vehicle status and manage scheduling for your services using Customer Support platforms
  • Marketing– Identify the best products and services you can recommend to clients based on their specific needs and create email marketing campaigns specifically targeted towards catering to those needs. Automate customer retention processes, get AI assisted suggestions for product and service bundles and manage subscription renewal alerts.
  • Sales– Manage your sales processes, pipelines and automate communication channels. Generate complete reports and complex analytics in order to better understand key performance indicators.
  • Customer Support– Optimize your response times to client requests by automating call center processes and by implementing an innovative support system on all available channels.
  • Debt Collection– Create an assisted debt recovery system, that sends automatic alerts and notifications, and retains debt information for future risk analysis

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