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Dynamics 365 systems and delivering beyond expectations.

We do CRM really really well, so you don’t have to

We understand that implementing or revitalizing a CRM system can seem like an impossible challenge at first glance. That is why we dedicate ourselves to helping you on that journey, starting with strategic planning and guiding you through all the steps, up to and including staff training and technical assistance. Our certified experience is your guarantee for a successful digital future.

What we do as consultants


From the simplest solutions to the most complex, we analyze the course of your activity and advise on the tools you should consider in order to optimize your operational flow.


Throughout our activity in different industries and business verticals, we have identified multiple models of organizing company information. By carefully analyzing the data you provide we strive to create a perfectly optimized data structure, best suited for your specific business needs.

Tailored Solutions

We make sure to provide a complete overview of all the available options, so that you can make the best decision when it comes to choosing customization options and weighing them over licensing costs.


We help you identify recurring manual processes and develop automated workflows in order to allow your team to focus on more difficult tasks, thus increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

Encourage communication

We believe that one of the keys to a successful solution is enabling your departments to communicate more efficiently by giving them access to the same information. Our solutions allow you to collaborate over a multitude of platforms ensuring no detail of your project remains unnoticed.

Data uniformization

We advise you on the best ways to integrate data from multiple sources and create common data models that can bring you closer to understanding your clients and your teams.


We can support you in building a development strategy for your solutions, so that all the implementations allow scaling options, according to the business strategy.


We can assist you in establishing an efficient security system for your company data, by building a perfectly adapted security matrix, in order to best serve your management needs.

Our approach


In specific cases, when the low degree of personalization slows down or inhibits the relationship with the clients and the expansion of the company, our consultants are prepared to offer sophisticated functionalities – from customer information management to sales automation, call-center integration or complex performance reports.

Practices and standards

We always start with you and your needs so that we can offer you the right solution. Because we know the difference between treating a patient, granting a loan, or providing gas. Positive change through customizing Microsoft 365 involves solutions that fit into your specific project that meet your expectations and fit into your budget.

Customer oriented

We adapt our approach to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution according to the strict requirements of your business environment. Our great experience in collaborating with B2B and B2C companies in multiple business verticals allows us to offer you crucial information about best practices, but also efficient solutions for your problems in the CRM field.

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