Dynamics 365 and Industry 4.0

With industry 4.0 step up your game by enhancing and distributing products, through the integration of new technologies, for manufacturing. Collect and analyze data, increase automation, self-optimization and higher levels of responsiveness to customers. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of cloud-based applications that comprise CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and Power BI, alongside artificial intelligence tools. They entail a series of features that allow organizations to facilitate operations of data-processing, customer experiences, reduce complexity costs and offer ground-breaking solutions for an agile communication.

If you consider implementing a CRM system within your organization, here’s a list, with 10 aspects to review, for a successful implementation.

Industry 4.0 technologies

The diversity in technologies is what makes industry 4.0 relevant to the digital transformation of manufacturing companies. It boosts productivity, it changes how you operate and deliver value to customers. Among these life-changing procedures, you will come across:

  • Cloud computing. It refers to the implementation of services and the fundamental IT resources that are requested via the internet
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on its data input, AI can anticipate customer behavior, identify patterns and deliver value for more complex tasks, while evolving by means of previous and current data. Microsoft has already established AI in its apps, most recent one being the investment in ChatGPT.
  • Connected field service. Remote monitoring is finally possible with field service, since it leverages IoT technology. For facilities and devices, manufacturing companies, mainly use anticipative maintenance. As a result, the company can benefit from more satisfied customers, diminished machine downtime and prompt fix rates.
  • Internet of things (IoT). In simple terms, IoT enables companies to detect malfunctions in the initial phase. It connects physical objects to others through the use of the internet or a local network. More than that, due to its sensors, IoT can perceive changes such as vibration, humidity, energy or temperature. Such data can be transferred to a computer and, consequently, analyzed.

The benefits of using Dynamics 365 for Industry 4.0

The manufacturing field is ever-changing. For companies to maintain themselves in the direction they yearn, one has to leverage easy-going and adaptable solutions. For that to happen, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the fitting option for a process-heavy industry.

1) Enhance customer experiences. In the last years, technology provided businesses with channels and communication techniques applicable to a variety of customers. The expectations and demands never slimmed down, thus companies have to deliver outstanding services.

  • • A common database, for businesses and customers, allows the company to extract in real time consumer experiences and respond to their queries
  • • Users can do multiple changes in the initial sales order or throughout the production processes (simplifying make or buy decisions) and predict the effect of these changes
  • • Build customer loyalty, be responsive to their requests and solve their problems, that is essential to take account of if you don’t want unresponsiveness to impact your consumers’ trust

2) Boost profitability. To reach your full potential, as a company, take advantage of the tools and intelligence available to improve your services, speed them up and redirect your attention to customers. Dynamics 365 lowers the chances of errors, eliminates waste and gives value to the customers.

3) Reinforced flexibility for your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be easily adjusted,  according to your business requirements, but also in respect to your customers’ demands. The applications Dynamics 365 put forward to the public can be easily scaled up or down.

4) Digitalization of operations and processes. With Dynamics 365, the company can use a single platform to manage their entire processes and operations in a quicker way, enabling collaborations to carry out effectively and focus on customer engagement. With the capabilities of Dynamics 365, manufacturers can solve practical issues with automated digital solutions.

5) Definite usability of business data. Dynamics 365 AI capabilities extract significant insight from the accumulated data, makes predictions based on previous events and actions with the predictive tool.

Through the predictive tool, that collects data depending on seasons or market trends, the app is highly used for planning and forecasting. As a result, according to the app’s predictions, the company can optimize the output and get rid of unnecessary resources that will hinder the growth of customer loyalty.

What’s the ideal time to implement Dynamics 365 for manufacturing?

Generally, manufacturing companies don’t follow a specific guideline, because they are built on different necessities and the implementation of Dynamics 365, for their company, can vary according to what’s lacking within the structure.

However, in case your company seems to be falling behind, here’s a short list to take account of if you want to boost your productivity.

  • • Use Dynamics 365 if your company has troubles with production planning or quality control. It can simplify your operations
  • • In case you dispose of a low budget and can’t figure out what are the things that need to be cut off, Dynamics 365 can identify cost-saving procedures and opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs
  • • By the time your company is expanding at a large scale, Dynamics 365 has the capacity to monitor your manufacturing data and scale your operations


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