Automate, upgrade and streamline processes and personalize transactions

Plan and optimize available resources and financial operations

Now it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the new capabilities from the Finance module. Thanks to the automated operations, customized transactions and newly implemented features, you can get rid of the limitations brought by your own financial performance. By increasing their simplicity through automation, you can further develop the user interface using advanced functions and propelling your company into the international marketplace. Get a broader perspective over the whole monitorization system as well as a better estimation of your own financial opportunities. The system relies on a centralized database, guaranteeing not only uniformity but also a lack of discrepancies that may cause an increase of the ROI. Once implemented, the Business Central technology offers you a large variety of tools, such as Power BI, Power Automate, Microsoft SharePoint and many more, helping you process information more efficiently.

A common system for scaled-down costs

  • Get an overview of the system responsible for performance-monitoring, of the workflow for budget-planning and the forecasting for the financial zone.
  • For a better bank experience with reduced difficulties and a uniformed integration of financial processes, make sure you maximize Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Keep track of all the data about costs and the profit through multiple allocations that you can insert with every registration
  • Get an overview of all the individual operational costs to study the final results.

Take advantage of financial insights and reports

  • Create a favorable experience for users by simplifying processes and financial operations.
  • Use a collection of registers to generate an in-depth analysis with a single click.
  • Automate financial workflows to optimize payments
  • Monitor transactions to get informative financial data

Automate processes and business operations

  • Benefit from the way you can control resources and easily diminish their application
  • Generate the most accurate estimates of the monetary flow through sales-evaluation and anticipated revenue
  • Determine the general operational costs by driving value to Business Central’s General Lodger and by aligning stock transactions
  • Keep track of payment management and compare bank accounts at an even rate.

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