Inventory Management

Integrate activities in the entire inventory to get a holistic overview of it

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Get a holistic overview of your inventory, by integrating all activities in the entire storage and using Business Central, since it’s scalable, flexible and provides you with a centralized inventory. The module has incorporated functions that streamline data in an inventory to remove stock discrepancies and show clarity, but it also encompasses product delivery, product reception, storage location management and many more. It uses a progressive type of intelligence, it succeeds in predicting what and when the stock will be resupplied. It is an fundamental function, because the storage will never run out of stock. The control system of the stock is responsible with monitoring the inventory’s stock and be attentive to diverse displacements of locations in order to keep the stock values in place.

Any type of inventory transfer in real time

  • All digital inventory data align with the physical data
  • Get all the information about the location of transferred products by fulfilling transferring orders
  • Remove some products from the sales or purchasing line to prevent the distribution in transactions of them
  • Highlight data structures of production components, which normally belong to a “primary source”

Control products and inventory availability

  • Get all the information about products’ availability based on location, period or sales events
  • Classify products to reduce searching and filtering time
  • Manage items from an inventory by attributing a series number

Keep an eye open on your products in real time

  • Keep products in categories or use the filter option to reduce searching time
  • Use the product card to offer clients only products that aren’t included in stock.
  • Automate inventory scheduling in case sales order lines have been created to conform to orders placed in the last minute.

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