Project Management

A new approach to the improvement of your company through interactive dashboards,
which can monitor how you execute your projects and their objectives.

Go beyond any limits and transform your company

It’s high time you extended your project drafting capability with Dynamics 365 Business Central by implementing a set of tools to help you plan, manage, and monitor project efficiency and progress. With front-line functions aimed at simplifying budgeting, invoicing, timekeeping and costing included in advanced jobs, projects can benefit from a high level of profitability and accuracy in estimates. Use the agile implementation methodology that helps you integrate the project planning system and provides an overview of resources as well as a real-time view of all parts of a project. As long as there is a common line of communication, project completion becomes a simple goal as Business Central offers adaptable and scalable features as it can allow customization based on a project’s needs. Enjoy a new approach on the improvement of your companies interactive dashboards that monitor the execution of projects and its objectives. Dynamics 365 Business Central houses the core of complementary, incomparable capabilities that guarantee the execution of the most well-defined projects.

Plan your projects efficiently

  • Keep track of the project’s performance by generating elaborated analysis, that keep tabs on profitability and how you make use of your resources
  • Manage resource supplying and purchasing
  • Use the creation, planning and implementation functions for projects and have a better utility of the budget
  • Create and use timesheets to keep track of objectives, requirements, service orders and resources that you use, in order to determine productivity within the projects

Reduce the risk of product deficiency

  • Begin the project and allocate resources only to projects that can generate profit and fulfill requirements efficiently
  • Once a project is completed, generate invoices to clients automatically
  • Receive notifications once duplications and other type of requests are created automatically.

Reduce the time and streamline invoice processes

  • Monitor the time of resource-usage to ensure that invoices are in alignment with every project’s costs.
  • Give accurate estimations on financial implications to jobs in progress
  • Visualize budget comparisons with the project’s time in real time

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