Automate and streamline purchasing activities, as well as purchasing orders,
invoicing, payment processes and vendor management

Increase profitability, optimize purchasing procedures and improve vendor relationships

Build an intelligent system with the new capabilities from the Purchase module and take control of all the purchasing processes to determine the best solutions. Take a step forward and streamline the purchasing daily routine and create an overview of all acquisitions. As a matter of fact, these simplified activities are conducted by using insight, collected from vendors’ purchase history, providing transaction statistics and special orders. Every digital tool from the Purchase module is a gateway to salvation when you manage and improve purchases.

Track and manage purchasing procedures

  • Take account of every purchasing cost and monitor every account with the possibility of carrying out payments
  • Create purchasing documents for every quantitative deficit of a product
  • Bill and create receipts before you share a purchasing order

Streamline purchasing procedures and keep tabs on payments

  • Remove or change a purchasing invoice if it has been already distributed
  • Take various data from purchasing invoices that you can include in the same invoice
  • Get the right time of the order for all the products that have to be included in the storage, on a specific date, through the processes automation.

Create, record and duplicate all the operations to streamline purchasing orders

  • Create a vendor card, which you want to proceed the trading with
  • Use the page “Merge duplicate” to strengthen purchasing receipts in a single card.
  • General orders don’t affect the product’s availability, in fact they give the order the possibility to be used as a tracking, estimation and planning tool.

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