Warehouse Management

Automate supply chain processes through the use of well-defined functionalities,
in order to benefit from high productivity and an efficient application

Discover the entire catalogue of business processes, that can help you in the quick development of a trustable storage

Make use of visibility functions that will keep tabs on the stocking processes, from the purchasing status to inventory. Dynamics 365 Business Central provides you with flexible and unified tools, which can help you simplify stock management. Get the best out of the application, including productivity and efficiency, by automating supply chain processes. Customized dashboards and the possibility of observing, through a single operation, multiple locations of warehousing and the status of supplying turn this module into an effective tool for a company.

Once you align supplying needs with incorporated refined capabilities, your company will thrive unconditionally.

Delivery operations are simpler

  • Use source documents to get insight from delivered products automatically
  • Get data about all the products you received, delivery time and other relevant information
  • Speed up product management by transferring them directly from recipients to delivery without taking storage into consideration

Improve inventory precision

  • Use transfer orders to deliver products in different storage locations
  • Monitor storage activities and register every shipped product
  • Allow the automated categorization of products to determine where they will be placed

Automate processes and business operations

  • Control resources and benefit from the way you can diminish their application without a purpose
  • Generate the most accurate estimations on the monetary flow by evaluating sales and anticipated revenue
  • Determine the general operational costs by driving value to Business Central’s General Ledger and to an accurate alignment of stock transactions
  • Keep track of payments and compare bank accounts in a seamless manner

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