Business intelligence and reporting

Track every financial performance and give companies the opportunity to determine
models and provide reports with data based on analysis, which can help you make
responsible and informed decisions.

Visualize data with a new type of intelligence

The company’s financial data can unlock the complex analytic potential, which will help you visualize data regarding KPI. These KPI provide you with insight, so that you can identify tendencies, which can be improved later on. The Business Intelligence module gives you the functionalities to anticipate financial outcomes.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations has many reporting methods to help you create personalized reports, for example ad hoc, self-service or pre-defined ones. If you want to deliver data to clients, stakeholders, companies, you can depend on these financial reports, especially on those that include currency flow or documents of other budgetary variations.

More than that, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations makes use of visualization data tools, which can range from diagrams, graphics or interactive dashboards. Their objective is to identify all the data faster and tendencies and to streamline the financial interpretation of information.

Get access to financial data in real time, as it helps you increase data integrity and consistency, which will allow you to make more informed decisions. The module removes the need to collect data, that are difficult to comprehend by integrating financial modules and data sources.


Based on advanced analysis, collected from insights, you can enhance your decision-making aptitude

Get a holistic overview of financial data using reports and intuitive visualizations

Automate and streamline all report processes from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations by using supporting capabilities of flexible reports.

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