Fulfill your purchasing and inventory needs by implementing all the
fundamental business applications.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce gives you the possibility to observe and understand how the order cycles function. Starting from the total optimization of purchasing processes and the implementation of fundamental business applications, which fulfill purchasing and stock needs, you have the chance to save time and financial resources. A fundamental step for objective fulfillment is to remove potential bottlenecks, turn on robotic intelligence, which can automate purchasing orders, but also repetitive requirements. Improve the functions of applications by using them constantly and you can benefit from cost-reduction, which can be used for another time. Moreover, the common system gives you an overview of completed purchasing and a greater visibility of the stock. Access important data faster to visualize purchasing history and in-pending transactions.

Create more purchasing experiences

  • You dispose of total control and visibility regarding the purchasing cycle, starting from stock levels up until delivery
  • Add as many elements as needed in sales and purchasing documents
  • Access a wide range of prices, before commencing the order, that you can compare with different vendors, while you keep track of requests
  • Control end-to-end acquisitions and simultaneously handle stock upgrading

Provide companies with a new type of intelligence

  • Monitor every vendor activity, from beginning to end, and with the vendor card, you have the capacity to add all the payments in a single interface
  • Automate all the activities, which involve product-delivery as well as the sequence and delivery data in order to have a clear view of your inventory
  • Manage electronic invoices and create them to become vendor acquisition invoices.

Manage invoicing, data and returns

  • Create record-duplicates to keep your data in once piece
  • A single source of acquisition allows you to blend various invoices
  • Automate issuing an acquisition report and process returns after you outline refunded orders


  • The Commerce module is built on a unified platform, which ensures a fluid integration with other applications, such as finance, customer engagement and supply chain.
  • An open multichannel communication with your clients, including social media, mobile apps, e-commerce websites or even physical magazines that help you create customized experiences for clients.
  • Use AI and machine learning to get consistent insight in order to optimize prices and improve product recommendations.

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