Conformity and Security

Manage and track potential risks and keep, at the same time, data integrity
through conformity and security functionalities.

Protected data wherever you are, whatever you do

Companies will take account of financial rules to function at a high level, as well as international standards of financial reporting, such as IFRS and GAAP. As important as these could be considered the specific requirements of companies and conforming to security regulations is done through automated conformity activities, audit reports and a sustained in-depth history of the audit.

The Dynamics 365 Conformity and security module owns functionalities that enable you to protect any type of private information with sensitive content. These functions not only protect users from unauthorized access, online risks or data breaches, but also offers, at the same time, access restrictions, encryption and other techniques to prevent huge data loss. As long as this data security is in agreement with data protection laws (GDPR), it is undeniable that you will succeed in creating more opportunities for users to deepen their trust in your company.

It encompasses other types of functionalities, that permit users to identify potential threats, how these affect the financial performance and how to activate all the relevant supervisions. Through risk-reduction techniques, not only can you maintain financial stability within the company, but you can also make informed and responsible decisions.

Within the company, the module disposes of in-house supervision functions, which guarantee suitable financial reporting. In-house supervisions hinder the appearance of errors, fraud and illegal transactions, only if all the endorsed procedures and automated inspections are respected and if they use role-sharing properly.

What’s in for you?

Financial integrity and conformity, streamlined monitoring procedures, a proper execution of regulated audits and the creation of a well-built control environment.


Improve data security, protect sensitive information and financial data

Operational functionalities represent a great interest for companies as a result of automated possibilities to conformity processes, in-house monitoring and report duties.

To respect financial norms, use the automated options for report-regulations, which will help you streamline conformity processes.

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Track every financial performance and give companies the opportunity to determine models and provide reports with data based on analysis, which can help you make responsible and informed decisions.

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