Human resources

Make sure you are in control of the workforce! Build a distinguished team to help
you reach people with expertise and capabilities that are suitable for your company.

Recognize the best employees out of an infinite number of applicants in just a few seconds

A suitable workforce is the next step towards success for a company if it wishes to deliver services of high quality. Thus, the module of human resources offers you the possibility to accelerate the process of recruitment with the job publication functions, candidate screenings and interviews scheduling. For an efficient experience lead the integration smoothly and streamline all the administrative processes.

Be on your employees’ side and set accurate performance objectives, which will help you to monitor their development within the company. It is highly important to offer them the chance to receive and give feedback, as well as frequent coaching, in a way that their involvement will hit new levels of productivity. Moreover, it’s necessary to identify who the most proficient employees are from a performance point of view and check the reason behind performance discrepancies among them.

To reduce these performance discrepancies, the HR module ensures access to training materials and development activities, which will contribute to their professional development. These will be refined through personalized training planning that aims to track the training progress and promote knowledge exchanges. The more you invest in your company’s employees, the better they progress within the company.

For the HR module it is recommended to offer the possibility of self-service, that guides employees to see their personal data, salary, their company profile, where they can request time off and visualize updated data about the company benefits. It would be ideal if the company’s application is easily accessed and used, with a user-friendly interface, that increases employees’ satisfaction.


Replace manual and administrative tasks, as well as physical documents with automated and streamlined human resources processes.

Improve self-service for employees

Collect data about the workforce by using analysis and reporting functions.

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