Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing operations are becoming more and more approachable,
because the platform has tools that contribute to the improvement of
interactions with clients and maximizes sales.

Identify, generate and monitor leads effortlessly

Marketing and Sales are essential for a company. This module contributes to the simplification of leads management procedures, which are collected from various sources, and controls the entire cycle of sales. A single lead can’t become a prospect without being assigned to a sales representative, because they are responsible for conversation-monitoring and progress evaluation. This can increase conversion rates and accelerate the sales processes.

Through a CRM system, you can collect and verify important data about clients, monitor all the interactions you have with them, that you can drive value to. They play a vital role when the company aims to increase the loyalty and satisfaction of clients. The more you invest in creating a well-defined profile of the client, the greater and more efficient personalized marketing campaigns will become. Personalized marketing campaigns provide you with opportunities for cross-selling  and upselling, with both leading clients to become loyal to your company.

How does the sales process take part in this?

All the collected information about profit and sales generation can identify tendencies and development opportunities. To handle the sales process, you need to be aware of the KPI and  objectives. To get an overview of what sales stands for, you should get access to comprehensive analysis and reports that shed light on maximizing your sales approach.

What’s the secret behind benefiting from both sides?

As long as your Marketing and Sales teams keep an ongoing collaboration and coordination, there will always be a constant flow of clients. Bidirectional communication and the endless exchange of data will help you raise the level of productivity and promote the synergy between departments.


Benefit from the automation of manually-done tasks, get data about clients in real time and simplify sales processes

Create opportunities through which you can discover important data about clients to personalize marketing strategies

For every ongoing marketing campaign, keep track of ROI and determine all the factors that will improve your campaigns

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