Dynamics 365 Wave 2 – January updates

Dynamic 365 Wave 2 January updates bring groundbreaking capabilities to reconstruct your company with. Plan, analyze and optimize your transformation by prioritizing your progress with the right tools for Marketing, Sales and Customer Insights

Check out our article about the first round of features put forward to you with the release of Wave 1, in which we dig in fully to unfold exciting features to look forward to.

Briefly presented, Microsoft Power Platform Wave 1 has been an underdoing set of updates from April 2022 until September 2022. It comprises 4 products: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents, with 2 add-ins: AI Builder and Power Apps portals, through which organizations and users facilitate the process of automation, analysis and digitalization of their businesses.

In addition to Wave 1, which encompasses the Power Platform’s services, Wave 2 brings Dynamics 365 applications to light in order to transform your business. The roll-out was launched from October 2022, and it concludes in March 2023, with features ranging from Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Commerce, Human Resources and the like.


Part of the Wave 2 release consists of delivery timelines and functionality, which may change or may not ship. (For further details about this matter, check Microsoft policy).

However, in case you forgot enabling the early access updates in your environment, with the deployment schedule, your environment will be automatically updated. In the case of Europe, the implementation of updates has set in motion during the middle of October.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

For Marketing, certain features have already been publicly previewed, but not officially rolled-out. Some of these functionalities will finally be out in January.

Segments creation

This functionality brings a new approach of business value. Use natural language to create segments, which can result in a new group or condition in an existing group. Quick reaction time with feedback in the form of a thumb up/down buttons.

Members segmentation

With inclusions and exclusions, you can expand your segmentation building criteria and manually include or exclude whomever people of the group to make space for VIP customers.
On top of that, you can use the advanced search button and can collectively add contacts or leads, whose information you can preview before the search-hunting.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Use insights for sales records

Prior to insights, the higher roles, such as Sales managers and Administrators will have access to sales records by using insights and compare them with business units, roles and timeframes.
This functionality shows an overview on the usage of sales records. With that, Administrators and Sales managers analyze CRUD operations (Create, read, update, delete) performed by users, which are later on checked on the COLA entities (contact, opportunity, lead and account).

Dynamics 365 Wave 2

Dashboards and Seller KPI

The organization can manage their objectives and keep them properly folded. The Sales team can check these data points and have in real-time glimpses of the status, of the organization’s sales.

The dashboard is largely used for:

  • • Converting leads and opportunities in less time
  • • Conversion ratio between leads and opportunities
  • • Success rate of the sequences
  • • Association of sequence steps with lead and opportunities

In the case of Forecasting and Conversation Intelligence, the features will be rolled-out in January, but as a public preview first.

What to expect?

Forecasting and pipeline intelligence
As an administrator, you have other priorities of higher level. The creation of descriptions with a custom control, tooltips and resource files localization.
As a Sales manager or seller, you can only view what the Administrator is changing within the forecast grid.

Conversation Intelligence
It’s activated on Microsoft Teams calling and has 3 properties:

  • • Calling from the Microsoft Teams dialer within Dynamics 365 Sales
  • • Calling from your Teams client
  • • Calling from your mobile device using Teams

AI-powered insights
This feature enables you to understand sales strategies performed by the seller in the field.
Improve support for new languages, filter out calls with call categorization, analyze the seller’s effectiveness through engagement and discovery questions used across calls.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insight

The public preview for some features will be released in January, but Microsoft hasn’t announced their general availability in the upcoming future.

What’s new in Customer Insights?

Customer Understanding
Generate insights in a more accelerated rate to extract significant customer experiences and acquire a higher ROI. Your data will be easily checked with AI-driven models with a first-run experience (FRE).

Dynamics 365 Wave 2

With AI mapping, you can configure multi-activity within your system and save a lot of time. The suggestions you receive from the AI mapping can build a better personalized, unique customer experience that can prolong the lifetime of a loyal customer.

Omnipresent insights
Customer insights has both ALM (Application lifecycle management) and ELM (Environment lifecycle management.

ALM is helping the organization be one step closer to their goals and boosts their business activities performance.

  • • Configurations and selections can be copied and moved in a production environment, although they have been used for testing and development
  • • Backup data, such as configurations and selections, can be moved from one environment to another

ELM has one essential responsibility, one of ensuring that any lifecycle operations, that you’re performing in the Dataverse of Power Platform, are managed rightfully and associated with your Customer Insights.
The associated Customer Insights will notify you for any Dataverse environment that suffers modifications (moved or deleted).


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