Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Shift to digital selling with prebuilt
intelligence and equip sales teams with
adaptive guidance to better serve customers.

Transform your sales process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a customer relationship management tool that supports sales teams enabling your business to grow. Smart functionality allows you to streamline sales cycles, reduce costs, automate sales processes, qualify leads, and more. Use this data to create interactive dashboards and obtain essential information, make strategic decisions, and respond more effectively to customer needs.

Why choose Dynamics 365 Sales?

Business Insights

  • Lead Prioritization – Prospect and build qualified sales pipeline using predictive intelligence for optimal conversion.
  • Risk Analysis – Determine the advantages and disadvantages of each business to calculate your next step and make sure you sell to the right customer at the right time.
  • Product Recommendations – Maximize opportunities with cross selling recommendations
  • Customer Understanding – Interacts better with customers based on real-time analysis.

Smart Sales

  • Capitalize on Information – Enable your sale team to deliver value using available data.
  • Collaborative Content – Minimizes the time lost by the sales team by collaborating in real time over personalized sales documents.
  • Sales Automation – Optimize your sales efforts and allow process automation to solve repetitive tasks using the best available practices.
  • Social Media Integration – Share, find and connect with people and companies in Social Media in order to generate new leads.

Customer relationship

  • Opportunity management – Classifies leads and generates sales quickly with the help of connected market information market, news or events
  • Mobility – Sell quickly, wherever you are using custom mobile applications.
  • Customer Focus – Encourage stronger relationships between the sales team and customers, facilitating personalized communication.
  • Partner Management – Select, develop and strengthen your partnerships through closer interactions and more profitable activities.

Team Benefits

General Manager

With a comprehensive overview of sales activities, the General Manager can better asses the state of the company, using accurate reports and detailed graphs. Implementing a CRM system helps eliminate errors, provides secure data storage and reduces long-term expenditure.

Sales Manager

By carefully observing sales activities and the performances of the sales representatives in the CRM platform, the sales manager can analyze customer behavior and their interactions with the company. Allow your team to manage critical situations by defining and monitoring complex sets of key performance indicators.

Sales Representative

The platform offers unlimited access to complex sets of customer data, designed to increase the chances for a successful sale. Gain access to customer data anytime and anywhere and always be prepared a successful sale.

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