Email Validation

Dynamics 365 Sales offers a new feature, about mail validation, that will reduce email bounce rates and improve engagement by removing invalid email addresses from your lead records. 

You can’t benefit from this feature if you:

  • • Don’t own a license ( Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, Dynamics 365 Sales Premium or Microsoft Relationship Sales).
  • • You don’t have security roles.

The only requirement, for email validation, resides in AI Builder preview models. You need to enable it in your organization.
Enable AI Builder preview model in 5 quick steps:

    • • Make sure you have permission from your Security Administrator security role or any other type of permission
    • • Sign into the Power Platform.
    • • Select Environments and on the top menu bar, select Settings.
    • • Choose Features and enable the AI Builder.
    • • Save the progress.

Mail Validation AI Builder


Email validation is available in the following regions:

  • • Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • • Canada (CAN)
  • • Europe (EUR)
  • • Great Britain (GBR)
  • • India (IND)
  • • Japan (JPN)
  • • North America (NAM)
  • • Oceania (OCE)
  • • South America (SAM)
  • • Switzerland (CHE)
  • • United Arab Emirates (UAE)


The new feature of Dynamics 365 Sales is turned off by default. After enabling mail validation, you will see various changes in how your emails are analyzed and prioritized in the lead records.
Email validation tackles:

  • • Incorrect syntax = The address doesn’t contain neither a username nor a domain
  • • Disposable domain = The address is depending on a temporary email domain (Disposable domain).
  • • Test or spam email addresses = Addresses that contain known indicators of a test or spam address such as IP address, HTML code of the mail and email content in the header or metadata
  • • Expired email addresses = Expired email addresses can no longer receive or send emails
  • • Emails that bounce back = An address that can’t receive messages for any reason

How do you enable Email Validation?

  • • Select Sales Hub site map, go to change area and choose App settings
  • • From there, select Data Improvement, which will lead you to Email Validation.
  • • Turn on Email validation

Limitations of email validation

  • • Email validation works only for lead records
  • • It’s not available in customs apps.
  • • Leads that are older than 180 days aren’t validated
  • • It checks only the primary email address in a lead record

If you can’t find the options in your app, there’s 3 main issues you need to solve

  • • You don’t own the necessary license or role
  • • Your administrator hasn’t turned on the feature
  • • Your organization is using a custom app, since the aforementioned steps are strictly for apps such as Sales Hub or Sales Professional apps


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