Microsoft 365 Copilot – A next generation AI for businesses

Microsoft 365 Copilot changes the game by redefining the functions that AI is introducing in the business industry. It’s a fundamental tool, that can sustain your company with everything you want. Just roll the command and he will execute it!

Cease carrying out your old manually-done tasks and allow your assistant to contribute to the improvement and efficiency of your own unparalleled way of doing things.

We’ve reached a moment in life, where we can’t exclusively depend on physical and time-consuming work, that is depriving us of simple things in our life. The individual was created to give freedom to his creative and innovative spirit and continue to produce more than he can ever imagine. However, the inevitable impediments are a setback of our creative side.

To begin cultivating their out-of-the-box and smart ideas, people have developed artificial intelligence, a trustworthy ally that pushed them toward an era of digitization. Through artificial intelligence, as well as their creative free self-expression, we reached a point in which we admire what we have created so far and discover a new version of our intelligence.

And so, through unstoppable means, we rejoice in our inventions.

So it is that Microsoft 365 Copilot emerged as a result of our imagination, that laid the foundation of new language models (LLMs) to become the fastest, most intelligent and hardworking assistant for companies.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft 365 Copilot has one mission, that is to facilitate tedious manually-done, long-lasting tasks, that can easily be solved through artificial intelligence. Copilot is about diversity from automation of routine activities, graphs creation, emails, calendars or even documents.

Microsoft is greatly helping us, a type of help consisting of different language models that can be incorporated into the existing data from Microsoft Graph or the other applications from the Microsoft suite.

Microsoft 365 Copilot has the potential of transforming the way we interact with Microsoft 365 applications and how we can improve our business among competitors. “Today marks the next major step in the evolution of how we interact with computing, which will fundamentally change the way we work and unlock a new wave of productivity growth”, said Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.

The extension of Copilot capabilities was implemented in various applications and programs such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Teams and much more. Microsoft is heading toward a new type of incorporation that will take into account SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Fabric and Windows 11.

However, let’s check how many things you can do to improve your Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Teams and the Business Chat with Copilot.

  • Microsoft Excel. Copilot serves at the simplification of answers without utilizing complex forums. Another important role that it plays is defined by the possibility of displaying different visualizations, projections and recommendations without changing the spreadsheet.
  • Microsoft Word. Save more time with Copilot. It can help you create a prime example of a document based on a prompt and can include collaborative content across the business. It can even modify the document’s content by changing the style from formal to informal.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint. Through simple commands, you can get summaries from long presentations and auto-generate a suite of slides from a word document.
  • Microsoft Outlook. Manage emails with Copilot. It is capable of answering every routine email, to extract content and discussions from Microsoft 365 Suite and it can adjust the style and the length of the email.
  • Microsoft Teams. Your Teams discussions will become a piece of cake! Copilot offers advice for discussions that take place within the app, and it will come up with suggestions about the right direction of the discussion, that will definitely be to your advantage. It becomes an efficient assistant that will take care of your calendar and schedule.
  • Business Chat. Copilot will manage your calendar, documents, contacts, meetings, emails and discussions that take up a lot of time. Improve your collaboration with others by using Copilot as a tool to ask the right questions about projects and plans.

What’s in it for businesses with Copilot?

Microsoft has unlimited trust that the new assistant Copilot will become an indispensable tool to companies and has the potential to transform the productivity level of employees with 50%, this way allowing the collection of feedback that can boost the efficiency of Copilot.

What should we be expecting from Copilot when we implement it within our companies?

      • High productivity. There’s no need to be worried about the time you spend to create content. Copilot can easily create a quick and simple draft by using a single prompt and language content. Not only that, but Copilot’s abilities allow it to make short descriptions of long emails and recommend a wide range of methods to answer. Every task that doesn’t represent a priority can easily be solved with Copilot and thanks to that you can focus on other projects that require your attention.
      • Uncommon abilities. Copilot can be of great help as many times as you need! In case you didn’t know, people that are directly working with Microsoft 365 applications use just a small percentage of the existing functions, while Copilot succeeds by making use of more than 90% of it. As a result of the natural language, these functionalities can be unblocked, and your work will be 10 times improved in just a minute.
      • Unlimited creativity. Have you ever had creativity blockages? Copilot is here to help you with creative ideas, visual elements or templates with which you can begin working on your best projects.

Do more with Copilot – tips

More to say than you’d think!

Microsoft 365 Copilot was a revolutionary idea for every business that resorted to the total automation of their working processes and discovered tips and tricks to improve the way they interact with their own little digital assistant.

Let’s review some of the most efficient tips you can apply in case you haven’t succeeded to familiarize yourself with Copilot.

  • Use Copilot on a daily basis. To familiarize yourself with Copilot’s functions is recommended you used it more frequently, because Copilot learns and adapts itself with your preferences and requirements based on which it can come up with better relevant ideas.
  • Copilot is learning with you. Take it easy! Copilot has the capacity to learn through feedback received from suggestions. In the future, it will give precise recommendations based on your business’s working habits.
  • Don’t miss it out. Thanks to a wide range of functions, Copilot can offer help for every problem encountered, as well as content recommendation, data analysis tools or formatting options.
  • Customize settings. Based on your company’s needs, you can use Copilot in a different way. Discover the new options of customization (design, analysis or language preferences) and transform them in an asset for your business.
  • Keep it updated. Copilot’s capabilities can be enhanced by Microsoft and every update offers functionalities you can highly benefit from.


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