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Digital transition implies a continuous influx of data, the storage of which becomes a great challenge as time goes on. The increase in storage needs translates into high hardware and support costs inferring the need for increasingly efficient and inexpensive technologies that can ensure quick access to the stored information. Thus, cloud services have emerged as a long-term solution, offered to our customers.

Accessing cloud services can reduce the costs of using IT solutions (reducing costs associated with servers, software licenses, hosting, colocation, maintenance or highly specialized technical staff) and provides access to a type of pricing based on the percentage of SAAS usage. At the same time, it provides much-needed flexibility for developing companies.

Why you should try Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure?

Data Security

  • Encrypted data – Microsoft uses a wide range of physical, infrastructure, and operational controls to help secure stored data and data transfers.
  • Backup – You have access to simple, secure and efficient solutions to back up your data and retrieve it from the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Security Roles – Azure gives you the ability to manage access to your company’s data by providing specific permissions based on the tasks that users have to perform.
  • Malware and Ransomware Protection – You benefit from active data protection against all known threats, as well as a proficient data recovery system.

Cost Control

  • Scalability and flexibility – Azure cloud infrastructure allows fast resizing depending on the evolution of your business without long acquisition processes, long payback periods of equipment or risks of insufficient use.
  • Budget Management – The pricing model that assigns costs per minute of actual use ensures that you can always get the best price / quality ratio, with total control over the budget.
  • Low-Cost Security – Azure security systems guarantee multiple data replication at no extra cost, providing you with multiple back-up systems without the cost implied by multiplying your existing hardware.
  • Optimized Business Costs – Optimize equipment investment and depreciation costs, server maintenance staff costs, and electricity bills.

Optimal Performance

  • Opportunity Management – The powerful combination of IaaS and PaaS services allows the construction, implementation and management of all types of applications ensuring unmatched productivity.
  • Mobility – You can use any mobile device and any operating system (Windows, Android, iOS) to easily and conveniently access your business tools from anywhere and at any time.
  • Uninterrupted Functionality – Azure provides enterprise- level availability for all services, 24/7 technical support and continuous system monitoring.
  • Flexible platform – You have access to a wide range of operating systems, programming languages and database management systems to help you in creating your solutions.

Team Benefits

General Manager

Optimize costs and guarantee continuous access to data regardless of time and place, and enable your staff to operate in maximum security.

Sales Manager

Release ongoing operational flows in your department and automate processes that were previously rigid, and allow yourself to focus on a designing a coherent long-term IT strategy.

Sales Representative

Enjoy unlimited connectivity to company data and carry out collaborative projects, without interruptions, at reliable performance levels.

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