Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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Business standards are redefined according to customer needs. Your clients want quick answers and want to know his problems solved quickly and efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you with the perfect solution to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations. The key to your business’ success is to respond quickly through multiple channels and quickly manage and deploy your resources in order to quickly solve the issues at hand. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Service helps you outperform your competition and add value to your services. By keeping a history of communications, you will be able to anticipate future problems and provide the right solution; thus, ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Why choose Dynamics 365 Customer Service?


  • Self-Service Portal – Create e portal with a large auto-reply data base to offer your clients quick solutions to easy fixes.
  • Anticipate Client Needs – Analyze client data and be proactive in your support decisions.
  • Ai Augmented –Get maximum efficiency using a custom Q&A processes to gather data and anticipate potential problems.
  • Mobility –Stay alert at any time and make sure your operators have access to client requests anywhere, on any mobile device.

Fast and Flexible Solutions

  • Integrated Chat – Through live support (Live Assist) you can improve the quality of customer interactions and the level of support you offer.
  • Customer Communication Channels – Get access to shared web browsing, video calls and chat support bots, for a complete, high end support experience.
  • Custom Services – Customize each interaction, down to the last detail, using insight provided by the platform’s analytics engine, using data from previous calls or previous fixes.
  • Efficient Time Management – Create automated flows that ensure the minimum call duration for each operator.

Efficient Data Usage

  • Listen to Your Clients – Creates optimization opportunities for customer experiences through direct questionnaires and discussion forums.
  • Act Smart – Structure your team and allocate resources quickly, according to incoming requests, trends and communication habits.
  • Adapt Quickly – Track customer requests with alerts and notifications and make informed decisions as soon as possible to resolve issues.
  • Optimize Results – Increases team involvement in order to achieve your goals, adds bonuses and incentives to boost team motivation and performance.

Team Benefits

General Manager

With just a few clicks, managers have access to interfaces and reports detailing team progress, so they can immediately react to what needs to be improved. You also have access to client information, allowing you to make informed decisions when it comes to billing support hours and managing contract negotiations.

Customer Service Manager

The Customer Service Manager gains insight enabling retention of profitable customers and finds the best ways to add value to the services provided to those customers.

Customer Service Representative

Gain access the common databases and the procedures, as well as the history of communications with customers, and use the data at your disposal to solve client problems the shortest time possible.

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