Dynamics 365 Field Service

Deliver exceptional customer experiences,
and deploy the right resources to the right place.

Equip your teams with the latest technologies

Designed for businesses that provide work on site services at (installation, maintenance, or responding to outage / troubleshooting issues), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service offers a number of features that allow teams to operate efficiently using a single solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is included in the Dynamics 365 Service package and enables companies to provide customers with a unique service experience and to quickly and efficiently manage bottlenecks in business processes.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Optimize Resources

  • Redefine Logistics – Get real-time updates and accurate inventory data at any time, reissue previous orders directly from the platform’s user interface.
  • Manage Equipment – Efficiently manage all the deployed equipment warranties and schedule mandatory and optional revisions.
  • Automate Scheduling – Automate service scheduling according to inventory, employee skills, preferences and priorities.
  • Process Fluency – Monitor consumption of essential supplies at all levels, from the central warehouse, to the current stock of the technicians.

Field Efficiency

  • Team Management– Manage ongoing tasks quickly and efficiently overviewing team schedules and deployment locations.
  • Mobility and Optimal Routing– Optimize travel routes to service locations and provide field technicians with the necessary back-office information.
  • Client Analysis– Efficiently organize customer information so your technicians can more efficiently asses complex information such as guarantees and customer rights, overdue payments and service sheets.
  • Client portal–Enable your clients to track service activities and schedule interventions using dedicated we applications

Go Digital

  • Analytics– Gather all your data one place and use built in analytics tools to asses key performance indicators, so that you can make quick decisions.
  • Mobility – Technicians and field agents will enjoy maximum mobility, as Microsoft Dynamics Field Service is compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Client Communication– Send informative newsletters, allow service scheduling and offer periodical notifications prior to intervention dates.
  • Accurate Forecasting– Use smart forecasts to increase the remediation rate from the first intervention.

Team Benefits

General Manager

Managers can use the extended overview of available equipment and requirements, to size resources according to exact needs reducing operating costs and increasing business profitability.

Sales Manager

Use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Field Service advanced engine to streamline stock management operations and optimally manage field teams.

Sales Representative

The automation of the field operations allows to increase the area that you can cover on a daily basis and a better manage of your service activity.

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