Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Discover how a connected HR solution can
drive success for your people and your business

Create a thriving work environment

Designed to help you manage human resource processes Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides all the information you need in order to build memorable employee experiences. Solutions based on the Human Resources module help you better connect people and operations, optimizing labor costs and ensuring you are always up to date with your employees and their needs.

Why Choose 365 Human Resources?

Target Ideal Candidates

  • LinkedIn Integration – Discover potential candidates using their LinkedIn profiles, schedule interviews, send meeting invitations, and manage feedback, all using just one platform.
  • Faster Hiring– Customize recruitment processes and easily send information to your candidates using smart integrated apps designed to optimize your workflow.
  • Easy Induction – Create induction templates and captivate your new employees from the first moments of your collaboration.
  • Adaptive Recruitment – Configure recruitment stages and activities based on specific talent profiles, post job openings and manage candidates efficiently.

Operational Efficiency

  • Optimize Processes – Automate routine HR processes such as compensation calculations, leave of absence request or benefits in order to increase your department efficiency.
  • Detailed Planning –Get immediate access to all available data assign plan resources according to project needs
  • Boost Efficiency – Observe real-time performance and monitor achieved goals through performance logs and goal management tools.
  • Social Media Integration – Share, find and connect with people and companies in Social Media in order to generate new leads.

Advanced Functionality

  • Personnel Analysis – All the necessary information in one place – from compensation to competence, and to rest, through Power BI reports.
  • Centralize Data –Integrate your existing software solutions and partner systems allowing your team access to complete sets of data.
  • Mobility – Improve communication, collaboration and response time with secure access to personal data on any mobile device.
  • Go Digital – Minimize security risks associated with collecting, storing and accessing personal data needed in HR processes.

Team Benefits

General Manager

Gain a complete overview over human resource management activities, and better asses your hiring needs, using precise data and streamlined processes. Use the platform’s objective tracking capabilities to asses team performances and use the provided tools and views to make the best decisions when it comes to hiring new staff.

HR Manager

Gain access to all procedures and tasks procedures in one place. You can follow the professional journey of your employees through and asses their performance through periodic evaluations that can be viewed at any time. Create compensation programs based on predefined metrics and automate payroll processes by integrating with other applications in the Dynamics 365 suite.

Team Member

Gain all the information you need to be successful at work every day. Access trainings, set goals and track your daily performance, all within your own employee profile.

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