Dynamics 365 Marketing

Discover and qualify leads, manage business
relationships and explore growth opportunities.

Discover new opportunities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is designed to help you attract more potential clients and empower informed decision making by connecting and aligning the activity of your Sales and Marketing Teams. Probably the most important competitive advantage of the Dynamics 365 Marketing module is the allowed interconnectivity with the Dynamics 365 Sales that allows teams to access and analyze the same complex sets of customer data. Microsoft’s marketing automation software also works seamlessly with other existing applications, such as the Web Engagement Tools, Dynamics Web Portals, LinkedIn, and Office 365 collaboration tools.

Why choose Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Generate Leads

  • Develop Omni-Channel Campaigns – Attract the right audience and monitor leads from email marketing, landing pages, webinars, phone or events.
  • Customize Customer Experience – Use configurable templates and advanced tools specially designed to customize customer experience based on specific interactions.
  • Product recommendations – Build and develop an increased presence in Social Media to increase reputation, and get in touch with potential customers on all digital channels.
  • Define Customer Journeys  – Track your customer’s journey from the prospecting phase all the way through to the acquisition phase so you can create touchpoints with the appropriate messages for each phase.

Consolidate data

  • Set Priorities – Use integrated intelligence to choose optimal segmentation criteria and always address the right audience.
  • Monitor Results – Track the performance of Marketing campaigns and activities with Power BI reports and analyzes
  • Integrate Sales – Optimize your sales efforts and allow process automation to solve repetitive tasks using the best available practices.
  • Social Media Integration – Share, find and connect with people and companies in Social Media in order to generate new leads.

Optimize Sales & Marketing

  • Increase productivity – Use familiar tools such as Word templates to create documents, Excel templates to analyze marketing activities, or SharePoint to allow them to be accessed by your team.
  • Gather Customer Data – Create a single data center that stores information about contacts, leads and customers that can be accessed by all departments.
  • Analyze Efficiently – Track potential customers more efficiently and convert to sales using automated workflows.
  • Manage partners – Add new dimensions to your collaborations by streamlining the data flow for end consumers, using dedicated portals for your distribution partners.

Team Benefits

General Manager

With a comprehensive overview of marketing activities, the General Manager can better asses the state of the markets, analyze competitors and adapt management strategies on the fly. You also gain access to a variety of reports, analytics and graphs designed to help you make the best decisions at any given time.

Marketing Manager

By carefully observing marketing activities, campaign performance, and customer behavior for each category of the targeted audience, the Marketing Manager can optimize the return on investment and can effectively substantiate marketing decisions and strategies.

Marketing Representative

Access extensive Power BI analysis, develop campaigns using advanced visual builders and distribute specifically targeted marketing materials at the touch of a button. You can connect remotely to your data in no time at all and allow yourself to make the best decisions using all the data gathered by your colleagues.

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