Microsoft Gold Partner

Becoming a Microsoft Gold Partner represents a milestone for companies, which aspire to develop, to differentiate themselves from other businesses in the industry and sell solutions to a global community.

A certified Microsoft partner stands apart from a regular partner by benefiting from specific proven skill sets to customers, since Microsoft gives you the widest range of products in the industry. This is because Microsoft can’t keep up with the high number of people’s requirements, unable to reach as many potential end-customers as possible, thus enabling companies to perform on their behalf.

For a company to apply for a Microsoft partnership, it is recommended, for them, to follow a mandatory list of measures. From joining a Microsoft Partner Network, accessing training, acquiring technical expertise or develop key capabilities, to visibly broadening your reach to more potential customers. The last procedure is to demonstrate Microsoft that you can be distinguished from the rest of the applicants.

It is highly important to remember that anyone can apply for this partnership. What differentiate your company from the rest is solely based on the upgraded competencies, Gold and Silver.

Competencies: Silver and Gold

Microsoft competencies require companies to deliver quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business regardless of the competency they applied to.
Once you become a Microsoft Silver or Gold Partner you will be permanently audited in regard to your performance, thus maintaining your company on the top-tier hierarchy must become a priority.

Silver and Gold competencies have different requirements you need to pass in order to be fully integrated in the Microsoft system.
These requirements may include:

  • • Performance
  • • Technical assessments or exams
  • • A fee, once a year

Microsoft Silver Partner
This is the first stage of becoming a Microsoft-certified partner and differentiate yourself from competition and to prove to your clients that you dispose of every capability in terms of service quality, technical performance and customer care acknowledged by Microsoft.
The following list displays a few of the opportunities and limitations you have with a Silver competency:

  • • Software benefits in the form of internal-use-rights or licenses for Microsoft products
  • • Limited connections and business opportunities with Microsoft
  • • Inclusion in the best 5% of Microsoft Partners
  • • Exclusive access to particular silver partner resources (trainings for Go-to-Market services, sales and marketing materials)

Microsoft Gold Partner
This is the elite tier that Microsoft holds in its system, considered of high-value by many companies, which showcase their competency on their websites.
In the list below we have a few benefits that only the Gold-tier can benefit from:

  • • Connections and more opportunities with Microsoft
  • • Unlimited exclusive access to Gold partner resources
  • • Inclusion in the best 1% of Microsoft Partners
  • • Expertise and specialized skill set in a particular technology or service area

Benefits of Microsoft certification

If Microsoft products are at the core of your business, you’ll definitely benefit from the following features that come along with a Microsoft partnership

  • • You’re the first to find out about every update within the Microsoft system. As a Microsoft partner, you’ll be up-to-date with the product, technology or service they implement, but also have the opportunity to apply it according to your clients’ requirements
  • • Trained staff. For a company to reach either SILVER or GOLD, their teams have to undergo certain training courses to be qualified, according to Microsoft standards.
  • • Closer to a realistic experience with Microsoft. In case you encounter an unsolvable issue and need support from Microsoft, their team will guarantee you with a quick response time and proper assistance
  • Your clients make the most of this experience. Every Gold partner consists of competent teams with a professional development to stay relevant in the industry, which means that their commitment will most likely be displayed in relation to their clients

LINKSOFT: Certified Gold Partner of Microsoft

LINKSOFT never disappoints. Over the years, our company emerged on the market as trust-worthy, dependable and reputable for its services, delivery time and proficiency on Dynamics 365 products. Our effort and hard-work paved the way towards success, thus LINKSOFT prevailed by being rewarded with gold and silver awards and its great achievement of winning The Best Business Application Partner award of Microsoft in 2022.

LINKSOFT is adapting to change, hence this flexibility allows us to establish ourselves among competitors of high-demeanor, to welcome free-spirited people with brilliant ideas and creativity who take the company to elevated levels of CRM implementation. To always respect our values and the quality of the services we serve our clients with.


Right from the beginning, we set out to build a Microsoft Dynamics Centre of Excellence that reunites the best specialist and the most efficient platforms in order to implement high performing and easy-to-use CRM solutions. We impose the most demanding standards of excellence on our processes, in order to ensure we are able to fulfill our mission and respect our values.

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