Microsoft Power BI

Connect to and visualize any data using the unified,
scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence.

Bridge the gap between data and decision making

The landscape of data analysis is constantly evolving. Changes in volume of data, variety, and transfer speed make it impossible to distinguish between crucial metrics from useless numbers. What is the useful data? How can you access it and how do you choose the right format to analyze it? To answer these questions the first steps you should consider are increasing the accessibility, generating valuable analytics and better managing data distribution. Specially designed to facilitate business decisions, Power BI is indispensable for analyzing trends, tracking financial data and identifying opportunities and risks.

Why choose Power BI?

Data Efficiency

  • Power Queries– Allow users to build automated data streams and create necessary data formats, eliminating the time lost in data processing.
  • Collaborative Queries – Once configured, queries can be distributed among team members, facilitating their access and monitoring capabilities through the integrated search engine.
  • Standardized Reporting – Reports and dashboards made with Microsoft Power BI are fully interactive, providing access to data sets as needed.
  • Intuitive Usage– Power BI has an intuitive and friendly user interface that allows all users to benefit from its functionality without special training courses.

Extended Analysis

  • Predictive Analysis – Using data mining, Power BI analyzes current and historical data, providing accurate forecasts of industry trends.
  • Data Mining – Enable the sales team to capitalize on existing information, through multilateral data analysis and rapid identification of trends.
  • Data Catalog – With Power BI it is possible to configure a data catalog that can be used as a search engine for data accessibility and interconnection.
  • Data Warehouse – Allows the integration of historical data from multiple sources improving their quality and allows subsequent access through multi-dimensional structures OLAP (cubes).

Easy use

  • Speed – Facilitates fast data analysis using efficient compression algorithms, in order to guarantee a unique user experience.
  • Scheduling – You can schedule daily report generation and save them in various formats, ensuring you are always prepared and well informed.
  • Advance Search – Use the state-of-the-art search engine that turns everyday language into complex queries.
  • Mobility – Compatible with any mobile device, Power BI gives you the ability to make decisions at any time, wherever you are.

Team Benefits

General Manager

With just a few clicks, managers can gain access to complex interfaces and reports, available in the shortest time. The advanced search engine makes it possible to generate relevant reports even when the queries are made in everyday language, giving you the opportunity to always stay informed.

Department Managers

Manage potential problems quickly and efficiently with the help of the extensive analysis provided by Power BI. Integrate data from multiple sources and use predictive analytics to make the best short, medium- and long-term decisions.

Team Member

Use the analytical power of the reporting system to always be prepared for the challenges your business environment throws at you. Collaborate with team members to create complex reports through applications such as Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Excel.

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