Optimizing the customer experience using CRM solutions

Constantly delivering services that will completely satisfy your customers throughout the entire sale process and keeping them loyal is a desire of any company. However, the mentioned goal is often a challenge and even unrealistic when the sales, marketing or service data of the company are in several closed systems which do not communicate between them.

A CRM solution has the ability to provide an overview of 3600 on customer interactions and leads, bringing major benefits:
• at the level of sales and marketing activities by monitoring and structuring data and processes
• in terms of employee productivity through the automation of activities
• in the interaction with the clients – by increasing the quality of the answers to their requests and reducing the response time

In this article we intend to detail the impact of the centralized data in the CRM platform on the quality of the interaction you can offer to your partners.

You can be close to your partners

One of the essential functions of CRM solutions is to offer users the possibility to schedule follow-up calls or to send targeted e-mails to a particular customer segment. For example, all active customers – be they B2B, B2C or B2B2C – can be informed of the updating of the price list, only the managers of certain departments can receive a special offer of interest, or only the contact persons who have purchased a certain product can be invited to an event to launch a complementary product.

By conducting e-mail marketing activities from a CRM platform, you can raise content personalization to another level by combining customer behavior with demographic data to more effectively target your audience and maximize your mailing campaign results.

By tracking your interactions with your clients in one place (calls, accessing e-mail links, form completions), your CRM solution can help you understand how to interact more and better with them. Thus, you can correctly appreciate the trends of increase or decrease in sales and work quickly where is needed. You can make the ROI of marketing campaigns more efficient.

Also, the integrated intelligence of the CRM solution monitors the daily actions and communications and sends recommendations, for example to approach for reactivating an inactive client for a period of time.

Secure portal made available to your partners

Through a web portal integrated into the CRM platform, your clients can find answers about products and services, send requests for assistance or update their personal data.

With additional possibilities to access reports and charts based on data extracted from CRM, portals can become a new channel for increasing sales and customer retention.

High reaction rate on request

In any way the client’s requests would be recorded, it is necessary that your team (from the sales, marketing, customer support or service department) can respond to them and solve problems quickly using a centralized CRM system with fast access on:

  • Customer account – used products, types of contract or agreed standards
  • Previous incidents – details of previous situations assigned to the client to establish the recurrence
  • History of communications – observations recorded in the client’s file, completed activities, e-mails
  • Support articles – instructions and policies for managing common situations

From the perspective of the sales and marketing activity, the capture of leads in CRM can be automated in the case of the connected forms (contact forms from the website, subscription forms to the newsletter or forms for accessing the documents download). This way you avoid manual data entry and you can set further action steps.

Solutia CRM


Numerous studies in recent years emphasize that customer interaction is the main differentiator in the sales process, even more important than the product or the price. At the base of its optimization is a modular CRM solution that can connect all the essential data of sales, marketing, service or customer support in your company to give you an advantage over the competition.

Linksoft can help medium and large companies reach these capabilities through intelligent processes and established technologies, all in the shortest time. Schedule a discussion right now with our CRM consultants for any details.