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A new way of managing
your order lifecycle

The COVID-19 Pandemic that has hit the world in 2020 has brought forth a new era in regards to online retail and after-purchase experiences, creating an ever-increasing need for fast delivery and a seamless buying experience. This makes entering any retail market, a huge task for newer mid-market companies, requiring them to invest heavily in developing and maintaining software solutions that centrally manage order lifecycles from the moment the buyer places an order, to the time the products are delivered.

In order to address this Microsoft has developed a new cloud-based solution, focused on helping accelerate order fulfillment, intuitively named Intelligent Order Management. Introduced as part of the Dynamic 365 business application suite, its main goal is to facilitate visibility and advanced analytical capabilities, aiding business professionals in decision-making and granting them real-time data.

Where does it fit in?

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management delivers exactly the same high-level performance and integrations that you would expect from any product in the Dynamics 365 family. The application is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, allowing full access to all  Dataverse connectors and APIs, also offering a no code environment that users can adapt to quickly and easily integrate into their day-to-day activity.

Probably one of the most exciting features is the ability to integrate with an ever-expanding database of existing enterprise systems using prebuilt connectors allowing you to build your supply chain ecosystem in no time at all, and allowing easy scaling opportunities.

How does it help you?

1. Data integration and analysis

According to a Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Microsoft, 2021, 44% of retail decision-makers face a great challenge when dealing with storing and managing data in separate systems and software solutions, with little to no integration capabilities, and limited functionality. Almost 80% of them agree that delivering a connected and unified experience to the customer is vital to the success of business in digital commerce. Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management allows you to integrate your data and have it all on hand for quick decision making, all the while using AI to help you make sense of said data, and predict fluctuations in available stocks and resources.

2. Security and Fraud Protection

The same study by Forrester Consulting outlines the importance of implementing high-security solutions that protect your business from fraud risks and protect your customers’ data. The need for protecting your business from fraud will only continue to increase as more sales go through digital channels, and your business finds new avenues for scaling. Intelligent Order Management takes advantage of the Microsoft Azure advanced security features in order to make sure your data is protected against online threats and attacks.

3. Market adaptation

In a study on Transforming Retail Supply Chain done by Gartner® more than 96% of major online retailers have declared that they are planning to make significant investments in making their supply chains more agile, and over 90% identified a need for investing in resilient supply chain management solutions by 2022. If these reports are to be believed, breaching the market and finding your place in such a highly competitive landscape will get increasingly more difficult, as customers tend to get accustomed to a high level of perfomance. Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management allows you to quickly adapt to customer expectations by leveraging functionalities and capabilities that other companies spent years and millions developing, at a fraction of the cost and with minimal effort.

4. Modernize faster than the competition

Another article by McKinsey & Company that focuses on Succeeding in the AI supply-chain revolution, outlines the importance of embarking on an AI-driven digital transformation and the advantages that AI-based solutions bring in allowing you to stay ahead of the competition in a crowded business landscape. Take advantage of  Microsoft AI-Builder and allow your AIs to aid you in managing inventory levels, logistics and service levels. Intelligent Order Management comes with out-of-the-box AI capabilities that can make your business stand out, while your competition is busy building the basics of their applications.

Want to see how it works?

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