Power Apps

Enable your team to build and use
High productivity business apps.

Create apps based on your needs

Building apps using Power Apps allows everyone in your organization to interact more efficiently. From business analysts to professional developers, everybody can share their expertise and knowledge in order to develop the most efficient workplace tools. Work faster with a platform that enables data integration and distribution, solve business challenges with intuitive visual tools that don’t require coding and extend the platform with building blocks that allow professional developers to add business specific functionality.

Why choose Power Apps?

Easy to use

  • App Templates – Start building right away with drag-and-drop simplicity and by using prebuild templates. Deploy quickly and roll out improvements as needed.
  • Easy Development – Make app building accessible to everyone and allow users to integrate even the most advanced AI components.
  • Extend functionality – Provide professional developers with the necessary tools to extend app capabilities using custom connectors and Azure Functions.

Apps tailored to your needs

  • Canvas Apps – Design apps for any device using a wide variety of controls, from buttons and sliders to camera and location.
  • Model-Driven Apps – Begin modeling your data and create responsive applications that can run analysis over any device. Use the simple drag-and-drop designer to customize business entities and tailor user experience.
  • Portals – Allow external users to interact with your systems by creating a low-code website designed to be integrated or accessed through a variety of standards like Azure AD, LinkedIn, Microsoft Account and more.

Team Benefits

General Manager

Reduce costs in developing, implementing and maintaining third party applications for your day to day business needs and rely on your teams to incrementally design and build the apps that they need in order to increase productivity

Department Managers

Experience the liberty of having full control over the apps you and your team use, adding and removing functionality as needed, without the need for a long drawn out development process. Use developers as needed to integrate long-standing, legacy software systems into your new apps.

Team Member

Collaborate with your colleagues and create flexible applications in order to optimize your daily process. Implement new functionality as needed, test it while developing and start using right away, after everybody is satisfied with the results.

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