Power Platform

Connect your apps with Dynamics 365 and Azure
and build powerful end-to-end business solutions

What is Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of low-code tools designed to move your business forward and allow your teams to remain agile by creating apps and automations in order to streamline workflow. The platform allows the ability to interact using hundreds of business applications and data sources using connectors. Using built in connectivity to services like GitHub and AI Builder, developers can build complex, scalable applications as your needs grow. All tools are build on Azure, so any application built using the Power Platform inherits the same enterprise-grade security, certifications and controls trusted by big businesses around the world.

Power Apps

Build and customize your own business applications.

  • Automate time-saving workflows on individual tasks and large-scale systems using hundreds of pre-built connectors.
  • Use a low-code guided experience in order to enable everyone to build secure workflows for automating everyday tasks.
  • Handle approvals or requests directly in Microsoft Teams or Outlook and allow yourself more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes.

  • Build automated workflows and share them across your organization in order to accelerate productivity.
  • Quickly simplify tasks using AI models such as production, object detection, category classification and entity extraction using a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Extract data from documents received through email using AI Builder, orchestrate the process using Power Automate, and facilitate reviews and approvals.

Power BI

A powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing your data.

  • Construct automated data streams and create all the necessary data formats, eliminating time lost in data processing.
  • Use data mining to analyze and capitalize on current and historical information, through multilateral data analysis and accurate predictive forecasts.
  • Take your queries to the next level using the state-of-the-art search engine that turns everyday language into complex queries.

Power Virtual Agents

Build and train complex chatbots.

  • Create bots and embed them into your website with just a few clicks with no infrastructure to maintain or complex systems to deploy.
  • Use powerful AI-driven dashboards and powerful metrics in order to keep an eye on your bot’s performance.
  • Get a holistic overview of your customer service operations with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights in order to determine trending conversational topics and easily automating them.

Power PlatformQuick Start Guide

What we do

Learn, Build and Customize

We offer the necessary training for your team to succeed in building their own apps on top of the Microsoft Power Patform. We assist you in taking your first steps and guide your through the entire process.

Pre-Build Apps

Choose from a variety of pre-built apps that we have designed over the years in order to improve productivity for us or our clients. Pre-Built Apps have short implementation periods.

Custom Development

We deliver custom applications that are tailored to your organization’s specific needs, and built primarily using Power Apps and Flow so you can have complete control over the final solution.

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2 November 2021 | by Radu Mitrea, Marketing Manager As the pandemic forced the world into a Hyper-Digitalization era, enterprises and businesses are forced to adopt agile CX (Customer Experience) strategies in order to keep up with a select few market leaders and remain profitable. Customer expectations regarding great experiences...

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One of the main concerns when adopting new technology is the way it will integrate with the existing systems. Legacy systems are part of a company`s backbone and they usually took years in terms of arhitecture and deployment. But are they flexibile enough for the current everchanging market?   The whole idea of a system is largely viewed as a perfect integrated ensemble of parts that together, do a better job than the individual parts. But innovation is, from more than one point of view, disruptive. It initially shatters the seemingly circular processes that these systems have been relying on. And this is why the large scale adoption has been delayed.      As time passes and innovation becomes an approachable novelty, the market`s dynamics usually brings about a rise of interest. RPA, for example, was firstly seen as a Band-Aid type of solution. Since it has evolved and has become comprehensibile and available to mass markets, it is turning into a legitimate systemic tool. In regards to its relationship with legacy systems, RPA needs to be evaluated against other approaches to integration as this is not a ‘either or’ situation, but rather a continuum set of approaches to integration.   Characteristics of different forms of system integrations     Versatility  Scalability  Accuracy  Running  cost …

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Climate change and RPA

  Climate change is a subject that is so present on the social agenda these days and whose underlying causes are thoroughly analyzed by EU institutions. But it is causing less seen effects on the business market:  major industries are forced to change their business model, medium and long term…

Work hard or smart?

The human kind has answered a long time ago the legit question: Do we even need robots? It did so in 1961, when the first industrial robot (named Unimate) has been put to work in a General Motors` factory. Nowadays, there are a lot of machines and appliances, including household…


Why RPA should be on your mind in 2020

As the year begins to unfold, so do the plans that each company has in place for this year`s challenges. No matter the area of expertise, technology and its breakthroughs are always a hot topic and an important investment attraction point. When shaping your strategy for innovation and development, take…

From the potential customer to the order

The sales process in Dynamics 365 for Sales can help you make more sales and bring more customer satisfaction. You can achieve more consistent sales interactions by following the sales process through each step, from creating a potential customer to closing the sale. You also get to have a complete...

Optimizing the customer experience using CRM solutions

Constantly delivering services that will completely satisfy your customers throughout the entire sale process and keeping them loyal is a desire of any company. However, the mentioned goal is often a challenge and even unrealistic when the sales, marketing or service data of the company are in several closed systems...

Attractive and effective email marketing campaigns with Dynamics 365

E-mail is a key component of most online marketing campaigns. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for e-mail marketing campaigns allows you to quickly create compelling, professional-based, customized messages. E-mail marketing in Dynamics 365 works quite differently compared to the standard Outlook e-mail you already use. Here are some of the most...

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