Power Virtual Agents

Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally
with your customers and employees

Create extra help as needed

Power Virtual Agents empowers anyone in the organization to build chatbots using Microsoft’s built-in natural language processing and no-code graphical interface and without the need for data scientists or developers. With the latest Teams integration from Microsoft, you can create, author, test, and publish your bot into Teams all within the Microsoft Teams interface. Improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to self-help and resolve issues quickly 24/7 using personalize bot conversations.

Why choose Power Virtual Agents?

Quick Set-up

  • Get started in seconds – create your bot and embed it into your website with just a few clicks. There is no infrastructure to maintain or complex systems to deploy.
  • Empower SMEs– Give development capabilities directly to your subject matter experts, using a novel, intuitive graphical interface.
  • Natural Conversations– Use Microsoft’s powerful AI capabilities to enable users to have complex multi-turn conversations to guide them to the right solution without the need of training and retraining your own AI models.

Advanced features

  • Bots take action – Create bots that not only respond to questions but also takes action on their behalf, connecting with back and systems through hundreds of easy-to-add connectors.
  • Monitor bot performance – Use powerful AI-driven dashboars and powerful metrics in order to keep an eye on your bots performance.
  • Integrate and act – Get a holistic overview of your customer service operations with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights in order to determine trending conversational topics and easily automating them.

Team Benefits

General Manager

Spend less time and less resources in providing customer service by automating advanced bots, in order to answer easy questions and allow your teams to focus on finding answers to the questions that actually matter.

Department Managers

Allow your SMEs to focus on solving complex issues while your bots manage high workloads of simple, repetitive questions. Build specialized teams that help your business grow and train your bots to help you even in high complexity, multi-step conversations.

Team Member

Reduce the number of time-consuming, tiring, simple support requests and allow yourself more time to focus on more important matters. Help train the AI’s for more complex scenarios whenever you encounter repetitive workflows.

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