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On a global scale, regardless of business vertical, it is unanimously accepted that customer requests are increasingly numerous and diverse. All the more so in the real estate market where diversity is extremely accentuated, and factors such as the location, and the reputation real estate developers or the battle between housing versus commercial space matter more and more.

Microsoft Dynamics based real estate solutions provide an overview of your property portfolio, as well as the ability to manage customer lists for each property. At the same time, you have the possibility to segment potential customers using specific criteria and to carry out marketing campaigns adapted for each segment.

Managed Entities

  • Clients– Manage your clients and corporate contracts using an all in one solution that provides specific functionality based on specific profiles and interaction records.
  • Real Estate Portfolio-Analyze managed properties using complex reporting to asses property value, potential buyers, crediting opportunities and many more.
  • Property Servicing– Manage warrantees, rental or sales agreements, contractor invoices and ensure quick response to customer requests.
  • Auxiliary Service Providers– Integrate and manage utility providers, security firms, landscaping and gardening providers and other additional service providers.

Managed Processes

  • Asset Management – Whether we are talking about meter monitors, periodic checks or maintenance activities, you have access to powerful tools to help you maintain your assets in perfect condition.
  • Sales – Manage your sales processes, pipelines and automate communication channels. Generate complete reports and complex analytics in order to better understand key performance indicators.
  • Customer Support – Optimize your response times to client requests by automating call center processes and by implementing an innovative support system on all available channels.
  • Marketing – Identify the best products and services you can recommend to clients based on their specific needs and create email marketing campaigns specifically targeted towards catering to those needs. Automate customer retention processes, get AI assisted suggestions for product and service bundles and manage subscription renewal alerts.

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