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Modern technology, simple and truly efficient computer tools are absolutely necessary today. Retail and distribution companies are constantly pressed to increase their operational efficiency, to monitor and improve the sales, delivery, storage, supply and cash flow processes.

Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM based solutions, the Retail and Distribution companies can adapt their strategy in real time, taking into account the concrete information on the clients and their needs. Dynamics CRM is the platform capable of providing interconnected information that can allow maximum efficiency of operational flows in several departments of the company.

Managed Entities

  • Clients– Manage your clients and corporate contracts using an all in one solution that provides specific functionality based on specific profiles and interaction records.
  • Inventory Stocks–Get a full overview over what products are on your shelfs and get notified when stocks are running low.
  • Services– Manage auxiliary services associated with the sales process, warrantees and return policies
  • Locations and Partners – Create a central data base that stores information from all your locations and partners allowing you to ensure quality standards at every level of your business

Managed Processes

  • Sales– Manage your sales processes, pipelines and automate communication channels. Generate complete reports and complex analytics in order to better understand key performance indicators.
  • Customer Support– Optimize your response times to client requests by automating call center processes and by implementing an innovative support system on all available channels.
  • Marketing– Identify the best products and services you can recommend to clients based on their specific needs and create email marketing campaigns specifically targeted towards catering to those needs. Automate customer retention processes, get AI assisted suggestions for product and service bundles and manage subscription renewal alerts.

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