Robotic Process Automation

Recurring processes, can now be automated
and integrated. Welcome to the future!

Big Challenges, Giant Opportunities

The next step in digitalization is already within your reach. It brings about overall and uniform transformation of processes that are repetitive and require manual efforts. Thus, it streamlines your key resources: dedicated personnel, allotted time, financial assets.

Routine tasks, in vital activity areas of your company, are the biggest consumer of resources and the most likely generator of errors. When using robot automation, classic workflows are redesigned, errors are eliminated and the employees can assume high-value projects, for the benefit of the company.

Why Choose RPA?

Increase Efficiency

  • Product Efficiency– RPA technology helps organizations in identifying, organizing and automating major repetitive processes. Using detailed mapping and an integrated approach, RPA can easily connect automatized processes with all the other activities in the company. Easily improvable and scalable, these improved processes will increase efficiency all around.
  • Augmented Personnel– Linear tasks and recurrent activities are yesterday`s problems. They employees that are sustained by RPA processes are increasingly more productive and creative. They can easily pick up difficult tasks, that require multidisciplinary approach and they can finalize them faster and with notable results.

Save time and money

  • Fast return on investment– Unlike standard software implementation, RPA benefits from a reduced time frame between the two stages of analysis and production. Even the most complex of scheme can be implemented in a few months, in order to produce results as quickly as possible. ROI is usually obtained within the first 6 to 12 months.
  • High Security– The Ui Path platform has been certified with the highest level in the Veracode Verified Continuous program. By being part of this program, UiPath guarantees the ability to maintain an exceptionally high standards of security for your application.

Team benefits

Operations Manager

You can eliminate errors from your most important flows and focus towards their improvement and development- instead of managing crisis situations and temporary solutions. The predictability of RPA processes enhances efficient planning of activity peaks.

Technology Manager

You obtain the most efficient ratio between the potential of technology and human intervention, on behalf of your team, in organizational processes. Reallocate efficiently the resources that are being saved, in order to generate maxim impact in key-areas of your business and positively affect the medium and long-term development plans.

Team member

You attain your maximum potential and obtain improved professional outcome, by finalizing complex tasks and taking on multidisciplinary projects. Your engagement to the team and company is higher and your work can easily be evaluated.

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