We continuously address your specific needs by
developing new functionalities and optimizations.

Continuous Innovation

It often happens that software support requests are superficially handled by consultants that have already moved on to the next development tasks or another project. To solve this problem, we have established a dedicated support team, which focuses exclusively on supporting existing customers and specifically address difficulties and problems they encounter. We are always ready to answer any questions or optimization requests for the systems we develop.

How we support our solutions

Ticketing system

Using our custom ticketing system, all support requests are categorized and prioritized ensuring optimal response and solution times.

Methodology and Design

Our experts constantly analyze your business process and your needs, and can help you determine whether or not a specific process could benefit from a new feature implementation.

24/7 Assistance

Our standards guarantee quick intervention for critical incidents that may appear while using our implemented solutions. We pride ourselves on keeping our systems up and running perfectly all day, every day.


We assist you in understanding the changes and workflow modifications that come with every new major version update for your platform.

Our approach


In specific cases, when the low degree of personalization slows down or inhibits the relationship with the clients and the expansion of the company, our consultants are prepared to offer sophisticated functionalities – from customer information management, to sales automation, call-center integration or complex performance reports.

Practices and standards

We always start with you and your needs so that we can offer you the right solution. Because we know the difference between treating a patient, granting a loan or providing gas. Positive change through customizing Microsoft 365 involves solutions that fit into your specific project that meet your expectations and fit into your budget.

Customer oriented

We adapt the approach of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution according to the strict requirements of your business environment. Our great experience in collaborating with B2B and B2C companies in multiple business verticals allows us to offer you crucial information about best practices, but also efficient solutions for your problems in the CRM field.

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