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Automation of workflows for authorities, the solution for letting bureaucracy go

As elections unfold all across Europe, amid Covid-19 pandemic, the urge to digitalize local and central administrations and to make significant leaps in facilitating online access is growing. While some steps have been made, there is still a full range of operations and services that could be significantly improved. When…

At the crossroads of innovation and tradition. What path will your business take?

A recent study published by Accenture mirrors the emerging of a new post-pandemic world, where Europe has the unexpected chance to choose a path of both innovation and traditional values. At a deeper and closer look, Europe needs to acknowledge the gap of profitability and productivity and find its pace….

The rise of email marketing and how to make the best of it

While it has always been a classic tool with foreseeable results, the Covid-19 pandemic has unexpectedly given a thrust to email marketing. When all communication channels went online, emails have claimed their way back to the top of daily go-to business tool. Before the pandemic, there has been a long-time…

Technology, the surprising help in crisis management

As the coronavirus pandemic is unfolding, its effects on businesses, markets and overall economy are becoming more and more obvious. Beyond the immediate medical concerns and health supplies management, the travelling and circulation interdiction have affected the way countries, organizations and individuals are dealing with supplies, expenses and work patterns….

Climate change and RPA

  Climate change is a subject that is so present on the social agenda these days and whose underlying causes are thoroughly analyzed by EU institutions. But it is causing less seen effects on the business market:  major industries are forced to change their business model, medium and long term…

Work hard or smart?

The human kind has answered a long time ago the legit question: Do we even need robots? It did so in 1961, when the first industrial robot (named Unimate) has been put to work in a General Motors` factory. Nowadays, there are a lot of machines and appliances, including household…