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After more than 10 years of market liberalization, customer free choice has determined a complete overhaul in business strategies for companies that offer electrical and gas distribution. Efficient software solutions have become essential in managing distribution, planning capacity, monitoring consumption and managing customer relationships.

Businesses in this sector need to account for colossal amounts of data, managing not only consumer – provider relationships but also location consumption, overall zone metering and consumption analysis, corporate client consumption predictions and many more streams of variable data.  With help from our partners we have assessed business needs and created software solutions that ensure we can help you make the transition to a digital, artificial intelligence assisted world in the shortest amount of time possible.

Managed Entities

  • Clients–Manage corporate and individual clients by creating customer profiles and automating repetitive processes.
  • Leads – Create custom lead profiles and follow their journey from the first interaction and up to a successful sale.
  • Product and Service Catalog– Create an adaptive product catalog and allow our software to recommend bundles and associated products to create unique selling opportunities.
  • Partners – Allow your field partners to create new contracts on the fly, at the touch of a button and with minimal time invested.
  • Consumption Rates – Gain complete control over capacity estimations, purchasing costs and get notifications when contract stipulations have been reached so that you can better manage customer relationships.

Managed Processes

  • Presales– Analyze zone evaluations, installation procedures, commissioning costs, periodic check-ups, and much more.
  • Sales– Manage your sales processes, pipelines and automate communication channels. Generate complete reports and complex analytics in order to better understand key performance indicators.
  • After – Sales– Get a complete overview of warrantee terms and statuses, service requests and equipment usage status and alerts,
  • Contract Negotiations – Initiate automated approval flows for outstanding contract term negotiations with high profile clients.
  • Risk Analysis– Automate risk analysis procedures and allow our software to scan client profiles in order to provide your consultants with the best contract proposals for minimizing potential monetary loss.
  • Automated Contract Generation– Generate contract templates and additional documents, cancel contracts easily and eliminate time wasted on drafting out paperwork.

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