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Microsoft & Linksoft Event: Low-Code Technology

The event “Low-Code technology”, organized in partnership with Microsoft, opened the doors to knowledge for many participants, regardless of their expertise levels. This session was a deep dive into the future of application development, uncovering valuable insights about Copilot, automation, and end-to-end business processes in Power Platform.

We extend our gratitude to our colleague, Andrei Tuturugă, for delivering an outstanding speech, sharing insights from his expertise, and showcasing the immense potential of low-code technology.

We eagerly anticipate hosting more events that bring together innovative minds to explore the extensive possibilities offered by Microsoft’s services, products, and capabilities!

Workshop: Revolutionizing Customer Service With Dynamics 365

Our workshop “Revolutionizing Customer Service with Dynamics 365” was a roaring success! For overview, the event was centered around insights into customer service, exploring the strategies that drive business success and emphasizing its crucial role in delivering satisfactory outcomes. We’ve made it possible by collaborating with Microsoft, which is why we are grateful for all the support that we received during this period.

The workshop had a diverse agenda, starting with a comprehensive session about Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the power of Dynamics 365 CRM through real-world examples, and continuing with Customer Insights in Customer Service and AI capabilities.

A big shout-out to our speaker, Diana Saridachi, whose contribution and proficiency transformed the workshop into an unforgettable experience for us and our audience.

Go Tech Event: Ai Builds Tomorrow

Take a sneak peek into the universe of technology, AI, innovation, and long-term collaborations.

We’ve had the opportunity to get in touch with over 15,000 professionals, exchange business cards and discover products, projects and future endeavors.

But that’s not all – LINKSOFT also took center stage! Our colleagues, Andrei Cadir and Miruna Dina, delivered a compelling presentation on Copilot, showcasing its significance and practical applications within the Power Platform ecosystem. They put work, effort,and dedication into delivering the importance of Copilot and its usability when it comes to Power Platform.

Throughout the event, we immersed ourselves in over 65+ hours of enriching content, gaining valuable insights into strategies and software systems. As we reflect on this enriching experience, we anticipate participating in future events, including the upcoming 2024 edition!


In partnership with Microsoft Romania, we recently hosted an engaging presentation highlighting the indispensable role of Customer Insights in nurturing and fortifying customer relationships.

During her speech, our colleague Diana Saridachi delved into various aspects, including the seamless integration of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with existing data sources, the benefits of streamlined data integration for enhanced organization, and the centralization of data to optimize segmentation strategies. Attendees gained valuable insights into accessing critical customer data, such as behavioral patterns, predictive analytics and KPIs for optimal sales and customer success.

If you missed the event, don’t worry! Reach out to us to discover how Customer Insights can revolutionize your business strategies and elevate your customer engagement efforts.

Great minds think alike!

At LINKSOFT, we believe that sharing is not just an act of generosity, but also a catalyst for innovation. We understand that true progress often emerges when great minds come together with a common purpose. That’s why, instead of keeping knowledge to ourselves, we encourage open dialogue, debate, and collaboration among our team members and with external partners.

Our commitment to knowledge sharing is evident in the workshops and events we organize and attend. These gatherings provide valuable opportunities to exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, and discover new perspectives. After all, information holds its true value when it’s shared with those who can leverage it to make a difference.

While great minds may have different perspectives, they share a common desire to innovate and drive progress. Join us in our upcoming events, where we’ll continue to harness the power of collective intelligence to shape a brighter future!

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